I'm LEINA, with a master’s degree in humanity, working with a human rights NGO. My understanding of commitment to life related subjects enriches INFOTRENDTIMES with thought-provoking articles. Beyond the atelier, my passions flourish – as a culinary enthusiast exploring the world of flavors and a wellness advocate fostering a love for health. Join me on a journey where style meets substance, with posts unfold to reveal the chapters of a life adorned with beauty and literary grace.

How do you Meditate properly to think and grow rich ?

How do you Meditate to think and grow rich in 2024

What is Meditation Meditation is a transformative practice that enhances mental clarity, reduces stress, and promotes overall well-being. It involves focused attention, mindfulness, and deep breathing techniques.  This is an ancient art, that helps alleviate anxiety, improve concentration, and boosts creativity. From guided meditation to mindfulness exercises, the benefits are innumerable. Its focused and controlled…

Jamaican beach

Jamaica Beyond the Headlines: Unveiling the Reality for cautious Tourists in 2024

Jamaica, a Haven with Cautionary Concerns : Unveiling the Glistening Traveler History and recent Risks Jamaica, known for its reggae music, clear blue seas, and dense forests, invites visitors with its lively traditions and breathtaking scenery. Before you start preparing for a trip and succumbing to the island’s charm, it’s important to grasp both its…

The mysterious facts of Meditation and healing in 21st Century

The Amazing mysterious facts of Meditation and Healing in 21st Century

Revealing the Mystery: 21st-Century Meditation and Healing Meditation has been associated with mysteries, for generations, having been used by yogis and monks to achieve enlightenment and inner serenity. But in the twenty-first century, this age-old method is peeling back its ethereal veil to unveil a wealth of possibilities for mental and physical recovery. Here, let’s…

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