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Keep yourself informed with the most recent trending news info’s. If there is anything new we post in your area of interest, you can subscribe to feeds that will notify you. You can use an RSS news reader to access these feeds since they employ the widely used RSS format. Alternatively, you can choose when to receive the same information via notification.

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What is RSS?

RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is a method of distributing content using XML formatting. Infotrendtimes provides several RSS feeds that include headlines, summaries, and links to the full articles on Infotrendtimes. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about our RSS feeds, we’d love to hear from you. We’re interested in learning how our readers utilize these feeds.

Using Infotrendtimes Feeds on Your Web Site

Feel free to utilize Infotrendtimes feeds on your website, but kindly refrain from publishing our complete stories. When using the feeds publicly, ensure to include a working link directing back to the original full-text article on our site and give credit to Infotrendtimes by mentioning us in text or displaying our logo.

Infotrendtimes maintains ownership and control over the logo, and your use of it is restricted to providing credit when sharing content through RSS feeds. We simply ask that you acknowledge the source of the information, and we reserve the right to request that you discontinue distribution of our content at any time and for any reason

Linking policy

Infotrendtimes highly values the use of hyperlinks, as they enable individuals to direct others to content easily, whether it is on the same website or a different one. Hyperlinks are employed by Infotrendtimes to provide readers with convenient access to more information or the original sources.

The direct linking approach adopted by Infotrendtimes is aimed at saving time for its readers. Whenever possible, the origin of the link is acknowledged to help readers assess the content’s worth at the linked destination.

When linking to Infotrendtimes or any content, it is important to follow similar guidelines. Please be aware that Infotrendtimes’ RSS feeds are safeguarded by U.S. and international copyright laws.

Kindly DO

  1. Feel free to link directly to our content on Infotrendtimes.
  2. You’re also welcome to use the title or headline of the article you’re linking to, as long as you provide a direct link to the original piece.
  3. Don’t forget to follow all applicable copyright laws.

Kindly DO NOT

  1. Do not use an Infotrendtimes headline to link to any place other than the Infotrendtimes.
  2. Do not attribute a link on your website to Infotrendtimes and then redirect it elsewhere.
  3. Do not write and link to a summary of the Infotrendtimes story that goes beyond fair use guidelines.
  4. Do not frame the Infotrendtimes story or try to pass the content off as your own. Lastly, do not use any images from Infotrendtimes stories on your website.


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