AI is not a replacement for human musicians, but a powerful tool to enhance their creativity  

Future of music lies in the collaboration between human creativity & AI's ability generate sound  

AI in music started in the 1950s

Illiac Suite is a 1957 composition for string quartet, & is known to be the first score composed by an electronic computer

Musical Note

Evolution in the 1990s : AI music saw significant advancements with the introduction of machine learning algorithms 

. David Cope's Experiments in Musical Intelligence (EMI) created new compositions

AI can analyze vast amounts of music data to understand patterns & styles. Any genre, from classical to hip-hop to even entirely new sonic music can be made.

Ex: 'Daddy's Car' by OpenAI's MuseNet, can even blend jazz and baroque styles 

Multi-Genre Mastery 

AI can create music in any genre, from classical to electronic. Ex: Jukedeck’s AI composes original tracks for various genres 

MAGNETA AI explores new sonic landscapes using machine learning. Is "nsynth" model can generate never-before-heard timbres & textures, pushing the boundaries of musical expression 

Research project by Google AI 

AI tools like Amper Music  & AIVA assist in music production soundtracks for films, video games, content creators  and ads 

AI in Music Production 

YONA, a virtual AI pop singer, who performs live, which's programmed to create her own lyrics, chords and melodies. 

Real-Time Composition Live AI Music Generation 

Songs feel created by a human, not a machine! 

SUNO is an intelligent tool for lyrics, melody, and mood select, that creates whole songs 

WAVE AI are developing AI-driven instruments that react to a musician's playing style in real-time 

AI is being used to create virtual performers and enhance live shows 

Jukebox produces from scratch, a wide range of music, just with a prompt of genre, artist, and lyrics as input

AI is no longer just a tool for human musicians. It's becoming a composer in its own right. 

AI can create music, it still lacks the emotional depth and human touch that resonates with listeners 

The Human Touch Endures  Imagine a future with holographic concerts featuring AI-generated music or musicians using AI instruments that adapt to their every move  

– AI can generate personalized music experiences. – Music that adapts to mood, preferences, or even health. – Lead to music that helps relax, focus, or even sleep

AI Music for Everyone