SUNO AI is transforming the music industry with cutting-edge technology

AI: Humanity's  Best Friend

Easy Interface

Generate  10 songs per day for free

Tailored Melodies 

Soundtracks for videos, podcasts, and presentations, with Voice options

Creative Harmony 

SUNO AI employs advanced algorithms to compose music across genres, enhancing the creative process 

Virtual Bandmates

SUNO AI facilitates collaborative music creation, allowing musicians to jam together remotely

Lyrics with Voice

Enjoy customizable Lyrics with voice as per your mood

Music  imPromptu

Make music with just a computer using smart prompts for the theme, vibe, style, instruments & tempos 

Founding is by a team of musicians & AI experts in Cambridge, MA, who worked  for Meta, TikTok and Kensho 

Passion  to Profession