AI revolutionizing the future, with its innovative applications & potential impact across various product & service industries

What is Alaya AI

Alaya is a distributed AI data collection & labeling platform with intelligent optimization, targeted sampling, custom data preprocessing and superior privacy protection. 

It operates on a decentralized network using Blockchain technology for transparency & security 

Sustainable Growth 

ALAYA AI ensures a robust foundation for AI model development.  It speeds up user engagement & data quality through gamification & quality control mechanisms  

Its a AI data annotation platform that uses blockchain, zero-knowledge proofs, shared economies, & sophisticated methods for labeling and organizing

Organizing & Labeling AI Data

NFT Integration 

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are utilized to represent digital assets on ALAYA  platform, facilitating clear assignment of data ownership & incentivization for high-quality contributions

Swarm Intelligence

ALAYA uses this collective behavioral systems which's decentralized & self-organized,  Its an aggregation of collective network of intelligence, say for example like a Bee colony


Alaya is the first native Web3 data platform to integrate intelligent communities with social commerce.  Available in Android Google Play

Alaya's mission is to provide an integrated platform for superior-quality AI data through decentralized community solutions.

Alaya AI, with its commitment to decentralization, gamification, & user privacy, paves the way for a more sustainable & collaborative future for AI development & utilizing its amazing power in coming days.